Niacin & it’s affect on the skin

Niacin & it’s affect on the skin

Okay, so you may have heard of Niacinamide & seen the various different serums & lotions containing it that you can put on your face, but did you know that Niacin as an oral supplement can deliver a whole host of skin benefits? As I always say, feed your skin from within first & foremost to achieve a beautiful glowing complexion!


Niacin, otherwise known as Vitamin B3, is an important nutrient that the body requires to function properly. It is an antioxidant that is in the foods we eat, like beef, chicken & eggs. It supports cell function, red blood cell production, has key roles in boosting brain function & DNA repair. It additionally can assist in boosting your mood. 


In terms of skin health, Niacin is often overshadowed by Vitamin C or Vitamin A, but its benefits are nothing to be missed! They include;


- Minimising redness & blotchiness

- Helping to reduce the visible signs of sun damage

- Regulating oil production 

- Assisting in lightening dark spots & pigmentation

- Helping to minimise fine lines & wrinkles

- Helping to  minimise appearance of pore size 

- Helping to soothe inflamed acne


Did you also know that your daily dose of the Acne Cleanse contains 30mg of Niacin? It's your perfect partner to help you achieve the skin of your dreams.


Talk soon,

K xx

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