Did you know your gut & skin health are connected?

Did you know your gut & skin health are connected?

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Did you know that if your gut health is off that it can have a big impact on not just your overall health, but it also has an impact on the appearance of your skin. 


Your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes. The gut microbiome plays a very important role in your health by helping control digestion and benefiting your immune system and many other aspects of health.


An imbalance in the gut microbiome can contribute to an increase in zits, inflammation, eczema and rosacea. Poor gut health can cause an inflammatory response in the body & skin. In addition to this, if your gut health is off, it can affect your bodies ability to absorb essential vitamins & nutrients from the food you eat.


Good gut health is vital for a healthy immune system & glowing skin, that is why I included a 5 strain probiotic blend in my Perfect Skin Kit! The Kit has 5 billion CFU per serving. In addition to this, I ensured the formulas had a range of complimentary ingredients that will assist in reducing the inflammatory response in the skin. 


Feed your skin from within!


5 Strain Probiotic Blend (5 billion CFU per serving)

Probiotics can have great potential in preventing and helping the skin with eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, and allergic inflammation or in skin hypersensitivity.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Vitamin B3 has soothing and nourishing properties that help achieve a clear, smooth and even skin tone. It has anti-inflammatory benefits that help prevent and alleviate acne breakouts, dry up pimples, and diminish spots.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps prevent acne breakouts by decreasing inflammation and limiting oil production, which helps keep the pores clear and refined. It has a smoothing effect that promotes a fresh, even complexion, and it supports healthy moisture levels to maintain soft, supple skin.



Wolfberry contributes to bright, clear skin thanks to its colour-correcting properties. It helps alleviate inflammation and can help fade acne scars and marks left behind by previous breakouts to restore balance and luminosity to the complexion. 


Vitamin C 

Vitamin C helps promote an even, blemish-free complexion by soothing acne breakouts, skin inflammation, and redness. It also possesses brightening effects that can diminish the appearance of acne scars and reveal fresh, glowing skin.



Zinc helps lighten pigmentation and contributes to bright, glowing skin by regulating the production of melanin. It also helps reduce inflammation and breakouts and helps lessen the visible signs of ageing.


Polypodium Leucotomos Leaf Extract Powder

Polypodium Leucotomos Leaf Extract Powder supports bright, even skin by helping decrease pigmentation, redness, and irritation. It is effective at soothing inflammation and can help protect the skin to maintain a healthy complexion.


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