Laser vs The Rosacea Cleanse. Break Free from the green concealer!

Laser vs The Rosacea Cleanse. Break Free from the green concealer!

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Ok, so if you’ve ever experienced rosacea or even just have a complexion that is prone to redness, you would know that there is not a huge array of solutions available to you. Besides the good ole green concealer & a bunch of serums, you’re not quite sure of what they actually do, there’s not a whole host of proven treatments. One such treatment we seem to be recommended a lot is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy. It is a very costly, sometimes rather uncomfortable, and definitely time consuming treatment. I have been there and done that myself (I was going fortnightly for months with no results. 


This is part of what led me to create the Rosacea Cleanse capsules! With their blend of 15 incredible traditional herbs, vitamins & botanicals, we have been able to harness the benefits of centuries of traditional medicine to deliver life changing results. This product has been the game changer in my skin, let me break it down a little more for you. 


When considering the negatives of IPL for treating rosacea, a few aspects stand out. Firstly, IPL therapy can be quite expensive, requiring multiple sessions for optimal results. Additionally, the results may be slow to appear, requiring patience and multiple treatment sessions before noticeable improvements are seen. On the other hand, using Rosacea Cleanse capsules offers several benefits. They provide a simple and convenient daily regimen that can be easily incorporated into your routine. These capsules are effective in reducing rosacea symptoms and can also contribute to overall immunity and wellness. Moreover, they have the potential to prevent future rosacea flare-ups. Considering the high costs and slow results of IPL therapy, the simplicity, daily usability, effectiveness, and additional wellness benefits of Rosacea Cleanse capsules make them an appealing alternative for rosacea management.


Try them out for yourself & ditch the green concealer once & for all! 


Talk soon,

K xx