3 Acne Killing Ingredients you NEED to know about

3 Acne Killing Ingredients you NEED to know about

Kallistia Fam, there are 3 acne killing ingredients that I just HAVE to put you onto.


Numero Uno Fish oil powder. 

This helps regulate actually causing hormones that trigger break outs and blemishes. 


Number ✌️ Wolfberry. 

This helps fade acne, scars, and marks from previous break outs, promoting a more clear and luminous complexion.


Number three White Willow Bark. 

This helps to unclog pores and remove excess oil from the skin, promoting a more healthy refreshing glow. 


These ingredients are part of what makes the Acne Cleanse just so powerful. It harnesses the benefits of these ingredients plus 12 extra vitamins to fight acne at its root cause.  In just a few weeks and taking the capsules you may start to notice severe acne starting to clear and your skin radiating with a healthy, lit-from-within glow. 


What makes them even better is the fact they’re so simple, just take a capsule in the morning and the evening and let them feed your skin all the nutrients it needs to look its best.


Talk soon,

K xx