Winter Skin Struggles?

Winter Skin Struggles?

Have you found your skin is breaking out more now that the weather has cooled off? Thought weather related breakouts were only in the summer months? Think again! 


The cooler weather can actually wreak havoc on your skin for a multitude of different reasons. Firstly, exposure to ultraviolet light does have an effect on the bacteria on our skin. When the cooler months come around, we tend to have less UV exposure, therefore resulting in a change in the skins bacteria. The resulting bacterial and immune system shifts may make acne breakouts more common. Additionally, the exposure to cold temperatures is a form of physical stress on the body and skin, so if you already find you struggle with inflammatory responses in your skin like rosacea, eczema or acne, then you are at a greater risk of a flare up. Top this all off with the dryer conditions, normally caused by us staying in around the heater, can cause our skin to ramp up the oil production in an attempt to keep our skin hydrated. You may even find that you get those annoying little whiteheads around your nose area simply due to you blowing your nose more frequently over the winter months!


There are a few different simple steps to take that can really help your skin in the cooler months. First & most important, keep hydration levels up. As it is cooler, we tend to not feel as thirsty, but you MUST hydrate your body. Secondly, ensure that you are keeping your pillowslip clean, change it weekly at a minimum! Third, keep those hands away from the face! And fourth, moisturise your face morning & night! These are super important steps to help maintain good skin hygiene. 


Now we can tackle the skin concerns. My Clear Complexion Kit has been designed firstly tackle many different skin conditions from the inside, but did you know it also contains ingredients that are fantastic for your immune system during the cooler months?


Vitamin C helps promote an even, blemish-free complexion by soothing acne breakouts, skin inflammation, and redness. It also possesses brightening effects that can diminish the appearance of acne scars and reveal fresh, glowing skin.


For immunity

Vitamins C helps with cell protection, absorption of iron, immune system functioning, and producing collagen, which helps heal wounds.


Riboflavin helps maintain healthy, glowing skin. It helps reduce texture and redness by working to soothe inflammation and contributing to the skin's natural healing process. Riboflavin also supports an improved skin tone by helping to fade pigmentation to restore bright, clear skin.


For immunity 

In addition to boosting energy, this vitamin functions as an antioxidant for the proper functioning of the immune system, healthy skin, and hair.


Echinacea has soothing properties that helps boost the skin's moisture content and helps restore a calm, balanced complexion. It has a cooling effect on the skin that helps reduce the inflammation and redness associated with acne and breakouts to improve skin tone and colour.


For immunity 

Echinacea is loaded with antioxidants, such as flavonoids, cichoric acid and rosmarinic acid, which helps your body defend against oxidative stress. It’s linked to many health benefits, such as reduced inflammation, improved immunity and lower blood sugar levels.


Wolfberry contributes to bright, clear skin thanks to its colour-correcting properties. It helps alleviate inflammation and can help fade acne scars and marks left behind by previous breakouts to restore balance and luminosity to the complexion.


For immunity 

Wolfberries support healthy immune system as they are filled with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They provide a natural source of calcium and magnesium, Vitamin B, antioxidants and more that help protect our bodies against free radicals.


Talk soon,

K xx