How I maintain my healthy skin

How I maintain my healthy skin

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Strong habits and routines are not just the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, or a dedicated workout routine, but they are also the cornerstone of achieving and maintaining a beautiful complexion. Our skin thrives on consistency & routine. 


Now I’m sure you’ve seen some of those crazy 21 step skincare routines on social media, but don’t let those videos get you worried thinking that’s what it takes to achieve your skin goals! You don’t need to spend 2 hours a night on your skin. My best advice is to start small with an achievable routine and stick with it. Some of the simplest things you can do, will have the biggest impact on your skin. 


So without further ado, these are my top 5 tips for maintaining a blemish free, clear, glowing complexion. 



1. Hydration! 


The body is over 50% water! Your skin and body NEED water. Not only does drinking plenty of water help to remove toxins and bacteria on the skin, reducing the potential for pore-clogging in the process, but keeping your skin adequately hydrated also helps to maintain your skins elasticity, meaning less wrinkles! Drinking enough water will also add to your healthy glow as it delivers essential nutrients to your skin cells and keeps your skin replenished.


2. Sunscreen


Ultraviolet rays increase your risk for skin cancer and skin aging, and you are exposed to them every day. Over time, this sun damage starts to add up. Using sunscreen every day can help protect you from skin cancer and sun damage. This sun damage can come in the form of uneven skin tone, dark spots, wrinkles, broken capillaries or redness. You should try to reapply throughout the day & aim to keep your face out of direct sunlight if possible. 


3. Clean pillowslips


Okay, this one is a funny one, but think about it, we sleep on our pillows for anywhere from 6 to 8 hours per night, every night. We may even sweat or drool all over our pillows as we sleep! So it’s imperative that we clean our pillowslips regularly, ideally twice a week at least. Think about it, you wouldn’t wear the same outfit you’ve had on and sweated in for the last 2 days, same thing goes for your pillowslip. Keeping it clean will help keep acne causing bacteria away from your face. 


4. Collagen


Not only does hydrolyzed collagen slow skin aging, but it also improves bone and joint health, helps wound healing, and promotes healthy, strong hair. It’s the main component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. As you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles. So supplementing this not only helps me drink a bit more water, but it helps keep collagen levels up in my skin as I age. 


5. Skin Supplements


As much as a healthy, varied diet helps with providing your skin with vitamins that help it glow, there are some extra traditional herbs & vitamins you can feed your skin to really help it look incredible. These herbs & vitamins are often hard to find in your everyday diet, so supplementing is the best way to give your skin all of the incredible benefits in the simplest, most convenient way. 


These are my personal non-negotiables in my routine. Try these out for a few weeks & let me know how your skin goes!


Talk soon,

K xx