What are blemishes...

What are blemishes...

We talk so much about blemishes when discussing the skin, but what are blemishes? how do we avoid them? and how do we get rid of them if we have them? 

Blemishes are the marks left behind from trauma to the skin, unlike post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which tends to be brownish in colour, blemishes are more typically pinky red toned. They typically are more prevalent on those with fairer skin tones. If you find you are someone who is more prone to burning, rather than tanning if you go out in the sun, you are very much more likely to get these pinky-red blemishes rather than a brownish pigmentation patch. 

Most of the time these blemishes come about after pimples and acne. One of the most annoying things about these if you are prone to them, is the fact that they often appear even if you are good and don't pop or pick at the pimple. Uber frustrating!!! Often times your pimple really may have been next to nothing & disappeared in a day, but then this red spot stays behind for literally weeks on end. Don’t even start me on what happens if you pick at your skin! That is a recipe for a multi-month blemish!

So… How do we avoid them? 

First & foremost, don’t pick at your skin ever! As tempting as it is to pop that zit, let your body do its thing to naturally heal the spot. 

Next up, let’s use things to help our skin avoid getting the zits in the first place!

This is where the Acne Cleanse & the Acne Clear Cream come in.

The Acne Clear Cream targets acne directly on the skin, offering a more immediate localized treatment & relief. Then with the Acne Cleanse Capsules, they work internally to address underlying causes in the most comprehensive way. Using both together offers you the gold standard best results. (but starting with the one that aligns with your needs and lifestyle is a good approach)

Now that we have the cause of the blemishes under control, how do we get rid of the ones we already have? 

Hello, Dark Spot Clearing Serum!

Not only does this incredibly hydrating serum lighten any dark spots, but the Aloe Vera and Rose Distillate in the serum offer soothing properties that help reduce redness and calm irritated skin, making the formula incredible for those with redness & blemishes!


Goodbye red blemishes & marks, hello clear, bright & healthy skin! 


Talk soon,

K xx