Vitamins can really do that?!

Vitamins can really do that?!

If you have found yourself wandering the aisles of the beauty store searing for a natural solution for your hair & complexion concerns, only to pick up product after product with ingredient labels you can’t make sense of, please allow me to give you the easiest, most convenient, and most holistic solution!

Using vitamins and herbs is one of the most effective, yet gentle ways to combat skin, hair & nail concerns. This is because our hair, skin and nails are a reflection of what is going on inside of our body, so by nourishing our body from within, we will glow on the outside. The best part about using a holistic solution like herbs and vitamins is they are far more gentle on the body, and so therefore there is less chance of irritations and reactions. 

Here are my top vitamins to try out if you’re looking to address hair & skin concerns;

Concerned with hyperpigmentation, melasma or dark spots?

Try these!

Coenzyme Q10 to help reduces pigmentation, diminishes the signs of ageing, helps reverse damage, and gives life back to dull, tired skin.

Licorice Root to help lighten pigmentation and reduce the appearance of dark patches, marks, and spots.

Zinc to help regulate the production of melanin, therefore lightening hyperpigmentation and to reduce inflammation and breakouts.


Concerned with acne, blackheads, and body pimples?

Try these!

Red Clover to help boost circulation to promote a healthy glow and speed up the skin's natural healing process to maintain clear skin, reduce acne breakouts, refine the pores, and minimise texture.

Burdock Root for its anti-bacterial properties that help to promote a clear complexion, reduce inflammation, improve skin tone, and minimise texture.

White Willow Bark to help clear and unclog pores, reducing breakouts, blackheads, and congestion. 


Concerned with hair breakage, slow growth or premature greying? 

Try these!

Guava Leaf to stimulate collagen activity, helping to improve hair strength and flexibility, boost volume, add thickness, and make the hair lustrous and shiny.

Nettle Root to encourage lost hair to regrow by contributing to the repair processes, which helps boost hair fullness and prevent fallout.

Hibiscus Flower to encourage hair growth, reduce hair loss and patchiness, and help reduce premature greying.

Talk soon,

K xx