Can’t find a foundation match?

Can’t find a foundation match?

Have you ever found yourself in a battle of trying a million different foundations in hopes of finding one that is actually a colour match for you and doesn’t make it totally obvious that you are covering your face with foundation? 

Well stress less my lovely, I have a cheaper, natural, and farrrr more convenient solution!

Why not go foundation-free? 

I know, I know, perhaps you struggle with blemishes, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin, melasma, dry or dull skin, or even dark spots that you are trying to cover up. Trust me, I have been there myself! But allow me to introduce to you another alternative to covering your skin up, the Hyper Renew Kit!


So, can using foundation daily make skin concerns worse? 


Using foundation daily can exacerbate certain skin issues like large pores, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, dry skin, uneven skin tone, or dark spots, depending on a few factors.

They are things such as the formula's ingredients, application technique, and skin preparation. 


Heavy or matte foundations can really settle into pores and emphasize texture, while full-coverage formulas can accentuate hyperpigmentation. 


Foundation can dry out the skin and make it duller due to ingredients like alcohol or talc, matte formulations that absorb moisture, and inadequate skin hydration before application.

Can foundation actually make your skin break out or is it a myth?

Fact! Foundation can in fact increase breakouts due to several factors. Firstly, certain ingredients in the foundation, such as oils or comedogenic substances, can clog pores and contribute to acne formation. Additionally, wearing a foundation for long periods without proper removal can trap dirt, sweat, and bacteria on the skin, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Additionally, if the foundation is not suitable for your skin type or if it contains irritants, it can cause inflammation and worsen existing acne. 

So how do we ensure that we support our skin while wearing foundation & help even out our skin tone so we need to reach for the foundationless? 

This is where my Hyper Renew Kit comes in. The unique combination of herbs, vitamins & antioxidants nourishes your skin & delivers you an incredible even glowing skin tone in the most convenient way!


Here’s the low down on the key ingredients!


Hyaluronic Acid: 

Hydrates the skin, helping to counteract dryness caused by the foundation, and plumps up the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and creating a smoother complexion.



Support a healthy skin microbiome, which can help prevent breakouts and inflammation caused by foundation trapping dirt and bacteria on the skin.


Vitamin E:

Acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals generated by exposure to UV radiation and pollution, which can exacerbate dullness and hyperpigmentation.


Vitamin A:

Supports skin cell turnover, helping to prevent pores from becoming clogged and reducing the risk of breakouts caused by foundation trapping dirt and oil.


White Tea Leaf Extract:

Provides antioxidant protection against environmental stressors, helping to prevent oxidative damage that can contribute to dullness and uneven skin tone.


Coenzyme Q10:

Supports cellular energy production and acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, which can exacerbate signs of aging and dullness.


Grapeseed Extract:

Provides antioxidant protection against free radicals, which can help prevent inflammation and damage to the skin barrier caused by wearing foundation for extended periods.



Has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce redness and irritation caused by foundation ingredients or application techniques that may exacerbate sensitive or acne-prone skin.


Knotweed Root Extract:

Contains resveratrol, a potent antioxidant that helps protect the skin from UV damage and oxidative stress, which can contribute to signs of aging and skin dullness.


The best part of this is that it works for everyone, regardless of your skin type, colour, location or any of the other factors that we typically have to take into account when searching for a foundation. 


At no more than $1.91 USD per day, the Kit also offers a really cost effective option for you. Not to mention, we also have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try them totally risk free. 


Get the clear skin you deserve today!



Talk soon,

K xx

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