FAQ Acne Cleanse

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I start to see results?

It can take anywhere from 30-45 days to start noticing improvements. For best results, we recommend using the product for a minimum of 3 months before discontinuing use.

Can I use the products while trying to get pregnant?

You can use the products until you find out that you are pregnant. Once you discover that you are pregnant, you should stop using the products until you have finished breastfeeding.

Can the Acne Cleanse be used if I don’t have acne?

Yes, not only does the Acne Cleanse offer a range of benefits for treating skin conditions like acne, blemishes, and breakouts, but it also helps with more superficial concerns such as signs of aging and skin firmness. By promoting cell turnover, it leaves your skin looking clear, healthy, and radiant.

Who can use this product?

Women, men, and teens over the age of 13 can use this product.

Does it help with age spots?

Yes, the Acne Cleanse contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals responsible for signs of aging. It can help reduce the appearance of age spots, reduce inflammation, and boost healthy collagen production.

Will the product help reduce large pores?

Yes, the product can prevent large pores from worsening by reducing sebum production. It also helps keep the pores clear of debris by speeding cell turnover, which can help make pores appear smaller.

Will this work on acne on the whole body?

Yes, the product will work on all parts of the body, including back acne.

Does the Acne Cleanse have side effects?

The product is generally safe to use, and most people find that it does not cause any serious side effects.

Does the Acne Cleanse work for all types of acne?

Yes, we have had customers find success using the product for all types of acne, including hormonal and cystic.

What kind of quality and safety testing do you conduct?

Our products are made in an FDA-registered and CGMP Certified Facility, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality. The FDA regularly inspects our facilities to confirm compliance. This means you can trust the purity, strength, and quality of every Kallistia product.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, our Help Desk is available to provide the answers.