Reduce the toll that stress takes on your skin the natural way!

Reduce the toll that stress takes on your skin the natural way!

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Do you find your skin breaking out just as you have a huge event looming? Do zits emerge out of the blue right before a big presentation? Did you know that your stress levels can exacerbate breakouts? 


Your body & skin responds to changes in you psychological state, so when you feel stressed, your sympathetic nervous system releases stress hormones, like cortisol, into your body. Cortisol causes increased oil production in your skin glands, which can lead to clogged pores & acne breakouts. Additionally, stress can illicit an inflammatory response in your skin, causing an increase in redness, marks, blemishes & breakouts. 


Now to combat this response, the first line of defence is to address the stressors. Meditation can be a great help to calm the mind & the body. While it can be hard to remove all sources of stress in our lives, the good news is, there are some amazing natural herbs & vitamins that we can take to help assist with the increased oil production, the inflammatory repose & even help settle the stomach & mind a little. 


My Perfect Skin Kit combines a fantastic range of ingredients thad specifically address these stress related responses in the skin.


Feed your skin from within!



Riboflavin helps maintain healthy, glowing skin. It helps reduce texture and redness by working to soothe inflammation and contributing to the skin's natural healing process. Riboflavin also supports an improved skin tone by helping to fade pigmentation to restore bright, clear skin.



Selenium helps maintain healthy skin thanks to its antioxidant properties. It can help alleviate inflammation, irritation, and redness to promote an even skin tone, contributing to a clear, glowing complexion.


Chickweed Herb

Chickweed Herb helps replenish the body to alleviate a number of skin concerns, including acne. It has a drying and cooling effect on the skin that helps reduce breakouts, diminish redness, relieve inflammation, and restores a clear, smooth complexion.


Witch Hazel Leaf

Witch Hazel Leaf helps reduce acne breakouts by removing excess oil from the skin to dry out pimples. It also refines the skin's appearance by minimising pores and smoothing texture for an even complexion. 


White Oak Bark

White Oak Bark contributes to a clear, bright complexion by helping the skin recover from breakouts. Its mattifying properties help dry up pimples and diminish blemishes by removing excess oil and tightening pores.


5 Strain Probiotic Blend (5 billion CFU per serving) 

Probiotics can have great potential in preventing and helping the skin with eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, and allergic inflammation or in skin hypersensitivity.


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