Are hormonal breakouts cramping your style?

Are hormonal breakouts cramping your style?

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If you’re anything like I was, the week before my period was not just a hot mess of emotions, but some VERY unwanted visitors would also decide to pop up on my face! Just before your period starts, estrogen & progesterone levels drop. This can trigger your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum. Sadly too much sebum can result in clogged pores & breakouts. Add to this the inflammatory response that the hormones can trigger in the skin and the increase in acne-causing bacteria. Sooo not fun to have this happen on top of already dealing with the pre-menstrual mood swings & cravings!

Okay, so if you’re like me, you’ve probably tried every kind of spot cream & pimple patch to try to stop these zits in their tracks, but it’s generally too little too late. The thing with breakout is they’ve usually been brewing under the skin for a few days before they decide to rear their ugly head. 

So the best way to manage your skin around your menstrual cycle & hormones is to maintain your skin all month. Now I know this can sound like a lot of work, but I’ve got good news for you. There are a whole bunch of vitamins & traditional herbs that can really assist in managing the effects that hormones have on your skin. This is what let me to formulating the Perfect Skin Kit. A simpler way of maintaining your skin throughout everything life, and your body, throws at you. 

Vitamin A is a real hero as it can help prevent acne breakouts by decreasing inflammation & limiting oil production. 

Vitamin B3 has AMAZING skin soothing & nourishing properties!

Vitamin D3 helps support skin rejuvenation & repair. 

Knotweed Root helps alleviate irritation, diminish redness, and improve your overall skin tone.

Probiotics assist your skin in calming internal and external inflammation & restores your skin barrier. (Plus helps with the ever dreaded pre-menstrual bloating!)

Grapeseed Extract contains powerful antimicrobial properties that help target breakouts and redness in the skin. 



Talk Soon,

K xx