Cant get your skin to glow?

Cant get your skin to glow?

Have you caught your reflection lately & thought your skin was looking a little dull? 

If you have found your skin is looking a little lacklustre lately, I have to share with you exactly how to restore a bright, healthy, glowing complexion!

Dull skin happens for a few reasons. Dehydration, external pollutants, aging, lack of sleep, stress, and even a diet that does not include enough vitamins and antioxidants. Some of these factors we simply cannot do too much about, but with some super helpful vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, we can really support our skin to help it look its best. 

Restoring your healthy glow is a two prong approach, we want to improve the skin from both the inside & the outside. 

First up is the inside aspect. Incorporating the Anti-Aging Complex will not only help us to increase our hydration through more water intake, but it will also help to hydrate the skin from within due to its Hyaluronic Acid. Then we have it’s Lustriva, the clinically proven wrinkle and texture busting compound. Add to this the skin barrier strengthening Probiotics & the skin brightening Vitamin C & you have an absolute recipe for bright & healthy skin that radiates with a healthy glow. 


The Anti-Aging Complex is here to:

Help brighten the complexion 

Help reduce wrinkles & fine lines

Help reduce UV damage

Help hydrate the skin from within

Help improve hair strength & length


Now the external. We want to keep the skin adequately hydrated & protected from the external factors that can cause it to become dull. This is where the Wonder Cream comes in. Its blend of natural Vitamin C, Licorice Root, and Sugar Cane works wonders on dark spots by naturally brightening your skin. Now we add to the mix the antioxidants from Green Tea Leaf Extract and we have the optimal blend to revitalize and brighten dull skin. This blend of compounds work together to deliver you a glowing complexion by fighting off free radicals and promoting healthy skin cell turnover.


The Wonder Cream is here to:

Provide instant hydration 

Help reduce under eye puffiness

Help tighten & strengthen skin elasticity 

Help brighten & restore a healthy glow 

Help protect against pollutants & free radicals


Combining the Anti-Aging Complex and the Wonder Cream gives you the ultimate solution for achieving a radiant glow by tackling dullness from both internal and external angles. This two-pronged approach ensures comprehensive care, resulting in a luminous and revitalized complexion.


Talk soon,

K xx