Hydra Glow Moisture Day Gel

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There are no words to describe how amazing these products have been! Thanks for giving me my confidence back! - Sarah C., Kallistia Customer

Kallistia Hydra Glow Moisture Gel
Combat dry, dull and thirsty skin with Kallistia’s Hydra Glow Moisture Gel. This gentle, non-sticky formula may be light, but it sure does pack plenty of punch. Unlike thicker, oil-based moisturizers, this lightweight gel glides on, is quickly absorbed by the skin, and helps to retain moisture throughout the day for lasting hydration.  

Kallistia Hydra Glow Moisture Gel is suitable for all skin types but is particularly good for acne-prone or oily skin as it doesn’t add a greasy layer to pores already clogged with oil. What’s more, the lack of residue also preps the skin, providing a soft, fresh and radiant base that doesn’t appear wet or greasy. 

Unlike traditional oil-based formulas, our featherlight gel is water-based.
Hydra Glow

Gently apply to the face and neck in the morning or throughout the day as needed on clean skin.

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